Saturday, May 3, 2014

953 - "My Super Power"

Some time ago, I was doing household chores with the television on, and the comedian said the lines in today's JSVB piece.  Honestly, it's one of the funniest things I've ever heard, which inspired me to draw this super self-portrait.  I'm still giggling at it after hours of grinding out the artwork.

The Internet says that Stephen Wright first made this joke, but my memory says otherwise.  It's a very funny bit, and if Mr. Wright and/or The Mystery Comic is searching for himself on the Internet and finds this, well, thanks bud! 

Silver-age comics are my favourite, since that's what I grew up with.  Nowadays, I find it amusing to recreate that look.  After doing the drawing, inking, lettering, and colouring using modern means, I aged the picture to make it look like out of one of my old comics.  I faded and blurred the black ink.  I created half-tone masks of the colours.  I layered on an old newsprint texture to make the paper less vivid white.  I even hand-painted some colour bleed over the blacks, something you'd see as a common artefact in the old comics.  Finally, I intentionally shifted the ink several pixels to the left from the colours to simulate offset-press technique.     

Next time you see a bird in the air, think of me!  Or Stephen Wright.