Tuesday, April 29, 2014

950 - Super-Self Inked

I finally got around to inking my super self-portrait.  I have to draw a few more elements in so that the clunky pose makes sense!  Also: colour and some silver-age post-processing are on tap.  The inking process was like pulling teeth this time: a lot of cringing and pain. 

Oh yes, the arrow.  I often draw an arrow or a light bulb to indicate a light source.  Usually, I am not fussy about three-dimensional light, so the source comes from the edge of the page.  If the light comes from in behind or in front of the subject, then I will draw a three-dimensional bulb or icon as a reminder.  If I don't place a light source marker, I'll quickly forget where the light is supposed to be coming from and draw conflicting shadows.