Tuesday, April 15, 2014

945 - Beneath A Pitiless Moon

"Were you up to see the lunar eclipse?"

"Yeah, but it was too cloudy to see anything."

"Same here.  The sky turned red, though."

"Lucky you."

"Well, yes.  I got to go out to check on the moon.  Of course, I couldn't see it.  But when I was out, I found a woman who was outside stuck in her wheelchair.  It was one of those we have that has the brake in the handle so there has to be someone behind the chair to push it and make it move.  The woman couldn't get out of the chair, and she couldn't release the brake."

"That's awful!"

"She had been outside for an hour.  She was supposed to be picked up by [local bus service for people with disabilities], but apparently they just left her there.  It's a good thing I came out to look for that moon."

"I'll say.  Not great for us, but definitely good for her."

"I found Security and they looked after her.  They found a cab for her and got her home that way.  The next day, the two Security and the woman both promised to call [local bus service for people with disabilities] and give them real hell."