Thursday, April 24, 2014

947 - "Squirrel Wedding Invites"

Here is the final run of the squirrel art I made a couple of weeks ago.  I've adapted the artwork into custom-made wedding invitations.  On a per-unit basis including creating the design, my cards come out to around $2.00 apiece to produce, including the card, RSVP, and envelopes for both.  I've avoided the really fancy art paper and craftwork cutouts that can have these cards cost upwards of $5.00 per unit, and my own markup is modest.  

Even so, I was able to incorporate the wedding colours as custom options, and the squirrel characters look like cute animal animated versions of the real wedding couple.  That's something that most designers just won't be able or willing to do.  

Custom art cards are something you can consider from JSVB.  The prices aren't far from what you would pay retail for cards that come from the factory.  Yet these cards are completely designed to your requirements and specifications: nothing generic!  Kind of exciting, huh? 

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