Thursday, January 9, 2014

900 - "The Hamster Who Saved Christmas"

Welcome visitors and loyal JSVB followers to my 900th post!  I am pleased to present the final book version of "The Hamster Who Saved Christmas".  
Of course, today isn't Christmas.  It's not even Orthodox Christmas.  My efforts to match up my 900th Post to the holidays missed the mark.  Doubly unfortunately, this is also not a real book, it's just a fantasy construct made in Photoshop, using my Lotus-driving Christmas hamster as the model for the front cover.  
Who knows what stories lie between the covers of this imaginary book?  Spikey saves Christmas, saves the country, and makes life safe for everybody who loves freedom and happiness, I expect.  A tall order for this sweet little guy, but I'm sure with a little of Santa's special holiday magic, Spikey will save the day... well, 349 days from today. 
For a close-up view of the cover art please click here to see JSVB Post #891.