Wednesday, January 8, 2014

899 - The Earl Man And The Sea

Recently, my friend Earl very narrowly averted a catastrophic flood in the basement of his house.  Directly next to his workstation is a 500 gallon tank of water, weighing what I would estimate around four tonnes. 
The worst that could happen threatened when a valve that controlled the tank failed.  I imagined poor Earl being swirled around his office like a piece of belly-button lint travelling around the rim of the bathtub drain.  Fortunately, Earl got to the heart of the problem before the tank could explode, and the leakage quickly was controlled. 
Since I live far away, all I can offer is silly cartoons: Earl as Moses holding back the Red Sea. 
My friend Earl proves to be a remarkably reslient subject for genre peices.  Why not click on here and here to see more?
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