Monday, April 15, 2013

767 - Today In Boston

A nearly unimaginable tragedy in Boston, Massachusetts: bombs are set off at the finish line of the famous Boston Marathon.  The news media reports that at least three people have been killed and over a hundred maimed and injured: a bloodbath. 
Far from Boston, we ask our questions.  Why has this happened?  Who is responsible?  What can we do?   Pray, of course, and offer  what support we can.
This American flag design is the marriage of two resources.  I found an amazing flag image courtesy of  The pipe bomb, believe it or not, is a decorative piece in gold, silver, and platinum by Lisa Kirk and Jelena Behrend.  I suppose if you're going to make a pipe bomb these days, it had better look great.  I altered and composited both images in Photoshop.