Friday, December 23, 2016

1318 - "Hope"

After going to see the new "Rogue One" Star Wars movie in the theatre, which I enjoyed, I was moved to comment on the dips into the so-called "uncanny valley" effect that occurred within the film when certain characters were de-aged or brought back from the dead through the use of clever computer graphics.  

My intent was to depict Leia delivering her penultimate line and the thematic piece that ties Rogue One into the Star Wars canon, but with the Princess as a puppet with some bored-looking operator moving her lips using his hand.  Or maybe the operator was going to be Yoda, since that would have been nicely metaphysical.  

However, when I was looking up visual references for my artwork I discovered that a few hours ago Carrie Fisher, the actress that portrayed the famous princess, has suffered a major heart attack and is not doing well.  So, I got rid of the satirical elements in today's JSVB Post and just kept the sketch, which I think turned out nicely and is as good a representation of that final scene in Rogue One as I can do by memory.  

Leia, in this picture, is saying the word HOPE.