Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1316 - Oh Frosty My Frosty

- Who Had Enough Of Christmas
& Literally Snapped Off His Base - 

Yes! I brim my goblet with Yuletide wine,
Drink of draughts deep with crimson as twilit rose,
Sweet scents of an intoxicant nose
Bacchus' vine-borne gift of liquid carmine

My season's blear dawn: bleak parchments of snow,
My nights fall Stygian with bitter-fraught cold,
Eventide absorbs bright daylight tenfold
Yet blood-warm wine thaws sinew and core when north winds blow

Frosty is my sobriquet and in mien I be snowman -
As famous as I am, I am yet unglued and my drink
Advanced this longest night's festal collapse I think
Too many bottles have so abridged my proud life span

Now begins my slumber, blanketed by mine lowering element as here I lay
The day after Christmas the city snow removal crews to shovel me away.


I have as much Christmas cheer as the next person, but when confronted with a venerable snowglobe ornament from the 1980's that finally broke (somehow Frosty became unglued and he now flies around his little snow-filled cell like Superman in a Fortress of Solitude that is two sizes too small), I knew I had the material I needed for the final Ungood Art Day of 2016.   I used Photoshop to insert a couple of wine bottles, since drunken Frosty makes for cheap holiday schadenfreude.