Friday, July 15, 2016

1257 - Gone Camera Gone

I made a visual metaphor to describe the absence of my camera.  Losing, or rather misplacing, my camera was one of the reasons I took such a long break from JSVB (see the entry: Miss You? I Didn't Know You Had Gone Away?*).

Although I was not happy losing some vacation photographs, I was more upset at losing the camera.  It's an important part of my creative workflow.  I will frequently take pictures of stuff to use as visual models, as reference figures, or as elements within a composited piece.  

I used to scoff at being so dependent on electronics to create art.  Now I am quite committed to the digital side, so much so that my analog skills have begun to slide.   

Happy ending: my wife found the camera and the lost pictures have been restored.  So the visual metaphor is a little spun out, but I did get a chance to practice drawing with smoke.  

*This is sardonicism.