Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1256 - Launching Doomsday

Sentry Cubes from the First Federation skim over an alien landscape.  Are they attacking the Planetkiller weapon, or paying homage to it?

This is the sort of question that gets asked on Ungood Art Day, which traditionally is the thirteenth day of each month here on my blog JSVB.  I wouldn't begin to know how to formulate the answer, though.  When I create art pieces like this, they tend to exist on their own out-from-left-field terms.  But look: lens flare!  

Only Ungood Art Day will pull me back from my vacation from JSVB.  I spent a longer time away from my blog than I had intended, and even I played with the idea of quitting JSVB altogether.  If I don't post, though, the Ungood Art will collect like constipation.

Speaking of which, although the Doomsday Machine belongs to the Star Trek television series (which in turn belongs to CBS), the original picture that inspired this piece belongs to my friend Earl, who supplies a weird photo of some tchotchke he used to pad his own blog.  I refuse to judge Earl on this: my own camera is full of strange pictures of evocative rocks and dinguses that I can use either as visual references for my artwork, or as in today's case: inspiration.  

Here is Earl's photo below.  You can see how a couple of passes through Photoshop would turn it into something different if not good: