Sunday, September 13, 2015

1144 - Jurassic Me

Today is the thirteenth of the month, making it yet another Ungood Art Day.  Some Ungood days fall in the middle of Ungood months where I accomplish scant little artwork.  This month is one of those months.  If I don't have any Ungood Art, I'll just publish a photo of myself doing something stupid.  Me doing stupid things is often the germ of a great Ungood piece, so I post these dumb pictures in the spirit of Ungoodness.  

The dinosaurs are real animatronics, and that's me channeling Chris Pratt as best as I know how, so there's not as much Photoshop in this pic as you'd first suspect.  However, I did enhance some of the elements to make the composition look more dramatic.  It's still stubbornly Ungood, though.