Monday, May 25, 2015

1112 - Whaleship Sketch

Unlike the Skookukway Carrier and the Sky Reach, the Whaleship evades being drawn as my mind's eye sees it.  Probably calling it a Whaleship is a bad idea, since it limits the shapes I can use.

The Whaleship is a gigantic airship.  The buoyancy lifters are the huge bags on the flanks of the ship.  The livable area is the size of a skyscraper building turned on its side.  Skooks and Sky Reaches can access the cargo via the underslung dockyard.  I drew one of each for scale.  

This version is the intermediate between my two other ideas.  This one is whale-shaped, so it's got a nice organic visual appeal.  The more obvious idea is to take two zeppelins and duct-tape a sideways skyscraper in between them: that's been done before, but it might be a more feasible design.  The other idea is to make the buoyancy lifters be more like sails or wings so that the Whaleship looks more like a massive butterfly or moth.  The slender body would be dwarfed by the lifters, giving the craft unlimited buoyancy.