Sunday, May 10, 2015

1105 - The Flame-Out

My lovely wife poses with my latest creation, called a "Flame-Out".  It commemorates today's witness to the dumping of the Calgary Flames from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  To be fair, I did take this picture several days ago, which is why my wife is smiling.  I bet she ain't smiling now, but I sure don't want to go look just yet, at least not without the cocktail.

The Flame-Out is based on the popularity of the new avocado-based beverages: my wife loves avocado!  I followed what a local bartender was doing and made a couple of adaptations to fit what I have in my liquor cabinet:


1/2 ripe avodado, peeled and pitted
equal amount of cream
1 shot chocolate creme liqueur*
1/2 shot tequila
1/2 shot gin

*Kahlua might work, but it would likely turn the drink brown.  The clear chocolate liqueur is preferred.

Beat the avocado and cream together until thick and frothy using a hand blender.  Pour into a martini shaker.  Add the liqueur, tequila, gin, and ice.  Shake until chilled and well-mixed.  Pour and enjoy immediately!

The flavour is light and creamy.  The tequila and gin both blend and accentuate the green, grassy notes of the avocado without making it taste like you're drinking an avocado.  

Of course, I live in Vancouver, so why not a Canucks cocktail?  Really?  You have to ask that?  I haven't tried this, but I imagine you could shoot it like J√§germeister:


Umm, let's see:

1 shot absinthe
1 shot Alberta Rye ( as in why, Alberta, why?)
choke cherries

Throw all that in a tumbler and suck it down sometime between the final game of the regular season  and the end of the first round of the playoffs.  Best served with twins who aren't getting any younger and who are never going to be traded.  The sourness should be strong enough to last through basketball, baseball, and football season.