Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1089 - Futureceptor

Another car show photo, and just a portion of a concept car.  Still, even this small piece conveys an incredible sense of speed and futurism.  Concept cars normally don't have even an engine, they just show off a sense of art style that the manufacturer may use to make their cars more attractive. 
Whoever built this model was masterful.  Even at rest, every line of the car is built to show the flow of forward motion.  Perhaps most incredible was the paintwork.  The stylized panelling was covered with the most remarkable paint I have ever seen: it had a holographic depth.  It looked like you could dip your hand right into it.  I've seen pearlized paint before, but this was far beyond that.  I'm guessing the painters used some sort of lenticular laser etching process either on the paint after it was applied, or else they mixed an untold number of holographic beads into the paint.  
The play of light on this car was unbelievably vibrant, which I tried to capture with this shot.  Seen in person, it was simply amazing.  I was later told that special technicians wearing custom-made gloves handled this car into the show, and that the representatives were expressly forbidden to touch it, let alone anybody from the public.