Monday, March 23, 2015

1085 - Delivery Stork

There's some irony in having a stork deliver a baby on JSVB.  This is not any reflection on my personal life, but rather an illustration project I want to deliver (and get paid for) and nothing more. 

Storks began delivering babies in medieval Germany, if history is to be believed.  Storks would migrate south not long after the Summer Solstice (a powerful pagan holiday for the early Germans), and would return nine months later to nest.  Seeing as many Germans conceived during solstice, the sight of storks returning would coincide with the annual gothic baby boom.

Hans Christian Anderson popularized the fable of baby-bearing storks, adapting folklore to suit his tale.  However, like much of Hans Christian Anderson's work, the stork story turns very, very dark.  These days, parents skip the nasty stuff and favour the image of the cartoon stork when discussing childbirth with children who are too young to comprehend biology.