Saturday, February 14, 2015

1076 - Our Bloody Valentine

I've mentioned before that my house is near the woods.  As it happens, there's a small cabin nearby, and for Valentine's Day, I decided I would take my wife out there.  It's not our cabin, but I know nobody has been using it for a long time.  It wasn't even locked.  I figured if the owners did come around, I could just say that our car broke down.  With my car, that's a likely story.  

Gimme some sugar, baby.
So, we toasted Valentine's Day with a little champagne.  After all, I'm a man and my wife is a woman, at least last time I checked.  

In behind me in the picture above, you may notice one of those old-fashioned reel-to-reel tape players.  We thought it strange to see one of those in the cabin, but we absolutely did not touch it.   After all, it wasn't ours to play with.

But I will tell you who did play it: a bunch of crazy kids from Michigan, who hauled up in an old 1973 Delta 88 Oldsmobile, a real clunker.  They wanted to hear the tape, and guess what?  The soundtrack unleashed a horde of Canadian  Candarian demons that spawned in the woods and ate just about everyone alive, everyone except one exceptionally loud-mouthed braggart.  

I've got a bit of Shelley on my shoe, eww!

It ended up that I took my sweetie out to the midnight Friday 13 - Valentine's Day showing of Evil Dead: The Musical.  It's billed as a 4-D stage sensation - the fourth D is blood!  As the show progresses and the body count rises, folks sitting in the Splatter Zone get hit by a lot of stage blood.  In our case, we were wearing good white clothes, and we got absolutely drenched.

Sure, it was a low-budget production, and very low-tech.  The stage was too small, the actors were semi-pro, and the blood was watered down. However, everyone obviously gave their best performance, the music was terrific, and we were howling with laughter the whole time that we were dripping with simulated gore.   Perhaps the best performance was by the ingenious stage crew who made the most out of what they had to deliver a really memorable production. 

I'm not blushing in the picture, it's just that I ended up as the target of bucket after bucket of stage blood, which makes the haunting story of the Evil Dead come to life... and then get hit in the chest by a shotgun, only to stagger back to life again... only to get stabbed in the back with an eldritch knife... only to crawl back to life yet again... groovy!