Monday, February 9, 2015

1073 - Jaws Art, The Sequel

A while back, I wanted to explain to someone the look of the iconic Jaws poster.  Honestly, it was just faster to draw it than to look it up, so here it is. 

Eventually I did look it up, so I could assign proper credit here on JSVB.  The original painting used for both the Peter Benchley novel and the Steven Spielberg film was created by Roger Kastel.  Kastel's version is only one million times  better than mine, but my JSVB version has one distinct artistic advantage over Kastel's: I know where it is.

Strange, but not unpredictably so, Kastel's iconic painting went missing somewhere between New York and Los Angeles around the time of the movie's debut in 1975.  Conspiracy theorists believe the picture was stolen.  It has yet to be recovered.