Monday, December 29, 2014

1055 - "Shaving Santa"

DISCLAIMER: If you really, really believe in Santa Claus, then don't scroll down.  As my wife put it:

"Way to ruin Christmas, Jeff!"

Coca-Cola Santa Claus ("The Pause That Refreshes"), Haddon Sundblom, 1952

Santa Claus, the commercial version of Saint Nicholas we all know.  This one was painted by commercial artist Haddon "Sunny" Sundblom in 1952, and was the corporate mascot for Coca-Cola.  Sundblom's Santas are used by Coke to this day, a testament to the advertising genius of the corporation and the talent of the artist.

We've all seen this Santa or one much like him hundreds of times on television and in movies.  On my 10,000th viewing of Santa this year, I got to thinking: what would the old boy look like with a shave and a haircut?  

So I held him down and force-shaved him in Corel Painter.  Was this a good thing to do?  Am I proud of myself?

Behold shorn Santa!