Saturday, December 13, 2014

1047 - Moore Support For Moore

Well, it's the final Ungood Art Day for JSVB in 2014.  Ungood Art happens on the 13th day of every month: I present an art piece that I worked on with the best intentions, but somehow everything just turned to crap.  Ungood Art is a natural process for every artist.  Most just don't bother to make a showcase of the projects that went south.

Today's Ungood Art is a rare performance piece.  Most of the video I have of myself, I end up looking like a fool which is why I don't post videos on JSVB.  Still, this one goes above and beyond.  

I'd just jump to the Jeff part (around the 1:23 mark)of the video which is an informal citizens' tribute to Greg Moore, the Mayor of Port Coquitlam, but then you'd misunderstand the depth of my gaffe.  So, watch the whole thing and then see how it ends.