Tuesday, August 12, 2014

998 - My Mt. Rundle

Mount Rundle, Alberta.

This picture has some meaning for me.  There are a million pretty much like it, since this is the view directly from the highway near Banff.   There's even a handy traffic pull-out to see this view.  Canada has no shortage of postcard views you can see right from the comfort of your car.

I'm certain I am standing taking this picture on the same spot my mother must have used to set up her painting easel maybe forty or fifty years ago.  She made a quick painting of this mountain, probably the work of a half-afternoon judging by how she threw her paint around.  There's a negative space caused by tonnes of rock that had sheered off the left side of the peak that my mother depicted with great force.  That part of the painting always disturbed me as a child, since it looked alien and eldritch.  Not until I drove by the mountain as an adult did I see how that shape was supposed to work.  Still, that painting remains in the back of a dark, seldom-opened closet in a room I almost never visit.