Saturday, August 30, 2014

1000 - "JSVB Post #1,000"

"Well, here we are." 
- John Boone, the first man to step on planet Mars, 2020

JSVB Post 1,000.   

My mistake was to over-think all of this.  A thousand posts, and you'd expect to achieve a certain amount of consistency.  Instead, weeks of indecision and introspection delayed this milestone post almost past the point of justification.

Quit JSVB?  At our moment of triumph?  

I considered that.  The longer I blog, the less relevant this all becomes.  

Well, screw relevancy.  Years ago, I imagined how it would feel to achieve a thousand posts, and now I am ready to celebrate my accomplishments.   I've long since met all of my goals with the blog, and I've set new goals and achieved them as well.   I have a lot of new stuff I've been itching to create, and I will be ready to share it all once I commit it to rendering.

So join me in the next phase of JSVB, and we will see where it will lead us together.  I only have 9,000 posts left to go! 

***   ***   ***

The quote is from "Red Mars" by Kim Stanley Robinson.

The picture frame is shown by the kind permission of master craftsman Derek Halladay.  Someday, I'll able to afford to buy one of his frames!