Monday, June 2, 2014

968 - Jeff Eats A Bug

Warning: Today's JSVB post is a photograph of me eating a bug.
Scroll down only if you aren't squeamish about insects as gourmet food.

My wife snapped this photo of me at Vancouver's annual food fair, eating grasshoppers fried in garlic.  They are pretty good!  They confer a strong nutty taste, and the legs are like very tiny chicken wings only there's six of them per creature instead of two. 

So: no, I am not eating live grasshoppers.   These have been fried in oil with garlic.   They were also put to death humanely.  Each hopper gets to spend its final day in a specially constructed miniature lounge, pretty much like The Frolic Room in Los Angeles.  Inside the lounge are a number of couches upon which the hoppers can recline, if they like, and watch closed-circuit movies of ants hard at work.  Lazy grasshoppers really enjoy this sort of life, at least according to the literature. 

Once the grasshoppers are fully engaged with watching the ants, the chef carefully lifts the roof-lid off of the lounge, reaches in, and carefully dispatches each grasshopper in turn by knocking it forcefully on the head with a tiny purpose-built silver hammer.  Then the bugs are cooked in oil and we eat them.