Saturday, July 29, 2017

1400 - "Sean Bruises His Shin"

Click to Embiggen.

Every hundred posts on JSVB I like to celebrate by showing something I think is special, and if possible something that challenges my artistic boundaries.  

For JSVB Post #1400 I present "Sean Bruises His Shin", a fully hand-drawn and painted artwork in the manner of master woodcut printer Hokusai from the Edo period of Japan's civilization.   Back in February my friend Sean bruised his shin, and more or less it took me until today to commemorate that event in a wildly intricate and desperately trite Internet meme based on designs from over three hundred years ago.  

The poem I wrote - a haiku - in the corner reads:

Sean bruises his leg
his shin pain barks like a dog
yet he shrieks Me-Ow