Monday, April 17, 2017

1364 - Mr. Eyebrows

A marriage is a partnership.  When you have been married for a while, you and your partner will form a synergy of ideals:  two minds but one thought.  This doesn't occur all the time, naturally, but sometimes what will happen is that your partner will pull out of the universal ether something that you have been thinking about but have not yet formed the will to form the words.  

For instance: my wife says out of the blue "I wonder what Eugene Levy would look like without his eyebrows?"  

It turns out that there a number of fan websites where people use Photoshop to remove the eyebrows of the stars.   Even so, I figured I might as well flex my own digital redaction skills.

Eyebrows are a key visual identifier for facial recognition.  In character design, those at the top level all claim that the trick to achieving the best caricature is to a) render the crookedness of the smile, and b) get the eyebrows right.  Go and look at Shrek, for example.  Goofy big green ogre, but with Mike Myers' eyebrows and smile.