Monday, February 20, 2017

1343- Vitamin Bottle Tontine

True weird Jeff-based fact: every bottle of pills, I consider as a tontine.  A tontine is a sort of annuity or lottery that you win by being the last among your peers to leave the mortal world.  So too for vitamin pills.  

This happy little guy is the Hawkeye of vitamins, the last of his people.  Despite the label proclaiming "NEW!", Bayer has stopped making Chocolate Brownie Chewybites Vitamins years ago.  This pill was consumed on its expiry date.  I believe you could still purchase a bottle of these vitamins on Amazon for a hundred bucks, but the pills will no longer have any health benefits.  

Chocolate Brownie Chewybites were seriously delicious and getting my daily dose was also a daily highlight.  Shelf this concept under the rubric of health products that were so good they couldn't be good for you, much like the great-tasting cinnamon-burst toothpaste gel of a few years ago that foamed up like blood and made brushing your teeth seem like a visit to a tuberculosis ward.  Check out way back to JSVB Post #483 to see that, by please clicking here.