Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1332 - Nativity 2 - XIII

"Exactly What Was The Point Of It All?" cries the headline.  On the next page is a "Colour By Numbers" with four colours: orange, green, blue, and brown.  

I re-use the same newspapers over and over again for my workspace, so I've read them all and generally don't look at the text anymore, although one day I really should do the Colour By Numbers.  So if there's pessimistic commentary in the metanarrative, for once I'm not broadcasting on that wavelength today.

This icon inches close to completion.  I fixed a goof with Mary's robe and completed the frame, which stuck to the paper (you can see the paint lines on the top), so I'll have to fix that later.  I also have to re-gild Mary's halo and the golden sky above her, although you can't see the faults in the photo.  

The Holy Spirit makes an appearance, but it's blink-and-you-miss-it subtle. I also have to paint in the inscription.  Oh, and maybe give the animals eyes, so they don't so much resemble French Stewart.