Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1197 - Unicycle Falls

January 13th is the first Ungood Art day for 2016.  Every thirteenth of the month this year will be Ungood Art day for JSVB.  I'll try to showcase some kind of artwork I have made that I was convinced will be good, but somehow turned south.  

The foundation of Ungood Art lies in truth, or at last some form of it.  As nearly as I can recall, this photograph was taken by Alfredo Martinez, who specializes in taking pictures of extreme sports.  I Photoshopped it into something else. 

In the original photo, a BASE jumper is racing a kayaker down the face of a waterfall.  Yes, people do this.  From what I know, nobody got hurt.  

But where's the kayaker?  On an impulse, I decided to erase the kayak and replace it with a unicycle, which then changes the meaning into something Ungood.  I rarely create art on a whim anymore, so this is different for me.

Mr. Martinez had a very brief opportunity to frame this shot, so I made a few changes to improve the composition.  I made the picture wider and adjusted the white balance to make the waterfall more dramatic.  Oh yeah, and I erased an entire kayaker and replaced him with a unicycle.  It makes me wish I had a photograph taken maybe a second or two before this one, it would be hilariously Ungood.