Thursday, August 13, 2015

1137 - "Period Woman" Sketch

If you are offended by sexist, crass, ignorant humour, don't scroll down. 

If you take today's JSVB Ungood Art out of context, it would likely be more offensive than funny.  So, what's the context?

1) Today is Ungood Art Day on JSVB, which is the thirteenth of every month: I use this day to showcase artwork that I have worked on that just did not turn out to be any good.  As it happens, today I have not one but two pieces of Ungood Art to present.

2) This piece is part of a series, beginning with "Interrobangman" and "The Human Ampersand", which you can see by clicking here and here. I insist you should do so, because otherwise "Period Woman" won't make much sense. 

3) When I work, I find I get around four hours of solid creativity a day.  Normally, the small to medium pieces I create on JSVB take around four hours to render.  So, if I am working on a larger project all day long, say eight hours, I have four strong hours and four lax hours.  During those lax hours, I tend to work on parts of an art piece that don't require strong concentration, like basic colouring or simple lines.   It's called monkey-work.  When I do this stuff, my mind will wander.  In the case of Interrobangman, my mind wandered to think up punctuation-based superheroes that might co-exist within his universe.  Immediately, Period Woman sprang into mind.  I mean, she's funny because she's as obsessed with punctuation as Interrobangman, but her name also leads to a double-entendre.   Right after that came Colon Man, which I will present next JSVB Post.  I realized that neither of these superheroes were very decent, so I eventually thought up The Human Ampersand, who is cleaner and who follows Interrobangman's joke more closely, and I drew him next.

So, without further ado: Period Woman.