Monday, July 13, 2015

1124 - Spocked-Up Fiver

For years, artistic Canadians have been drawing Star Trek character Mr. Spock over Prime Minister Laurier on our five-dollar bill.  When the actor who played Spock passed away, there were hundreds if not thousands of these things in circulation.

However, I held off drawing my own until today, Ungood Art Day, which is traditionally the thirteenth of every month here on JSVB.  Much of my Ungood Art starts well-intentioned, but eventually falls off the table due to some horrible unforeseen mistake.  Some of my Ungood Art is not at all well-intentioned, like this Spocked-Up Fiver here.

The Bank Of Canada has ruled that drawing Spock over Laurier does not break any Canadian law.  They do consider doing so unpatriotic, however.  Ouch, Harper Government, ouch.  

Electronically duplicating currency does break the law, so I've blocked out enough of the bill to stay legal and I've kept it from being flat (not to mention keeping the obverse side hidden, although on that side I did draw the Enterprise fighting off a Borg cube filled with scantily-clad space vixens; it's pretty wicked, but oh well, the law is the law).