Saturday, June 13, 2015

1119 - Lincoln Park

The thirteenth day of every month is Ungood Art day here on JSVB.

Today's Ungood Art is a rare performance piece.  Here, I channel my inner Matthew McConnaughey to sell the Lincoln MKC.  My wife is the videographer, and true to Ungood Art Form, I just spew out whatever I am thinking would sound good without forethought or rehearsal.  There's more monologue, but my wife stopped the camera right at the moment that she judged I had reached maximum stupidity with this video.  The image quality was the direct result of my efforts to compress the file as much as possible.

The music is by Longzijun, picked out from the Internet in my panic to make the video seem more dramatic.   Fortunately, it's covered by the same Creative Commons license I use. 

I apologise for the brevity of this post and the general lack of posts recently.  Soon, I will pick up the pace and retroactively fill in my June 10th Happy Birthday To Me piece.