Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1016 - Running Mac

I kind of forgot about ol' JSVB there for a while, sorry about that.  Now I have a backlog of entries I have to process.

This one is a little college football running man.  Whoa, that's Pip-Boy, you geeks out there are saying.  I went one step farther, and based Mac here on what Pip-Boy was also based upon: the iconic Rich Uncle Pennybags from Parker Brothers' Monopoly game. 

Did you know that in the original Monopoly rules, after all the players but one went bankrupt, the losing players were forced to make another lap around the board to go farther into debt?  Apparently the original version of the game was intended as dark satire, a comment on the gap between the American poor and the wealthy.  The Parker Brothers cleaned up the rules and then cleaned house with their monster hit game.  

Last month, there were just over 2,575 versions of Monopoly available on the market.  That's a lot of play money right there.