Thursday, March 13, 2014

932 - Tilley Hat Planet

A few days ago, I complained about how hard it was to draw a ringed planet.  This is my first attempt.  Please realize that this is supposed to be a realistic portrait!  

Part of the problem also lies with Blogger.  Some art-impaired genius in their tech department has figured that if a little auto-optimization makes a picture look a little better, then a whole crap-ton of optimization must make pictures look fantastic.  This is exactly the same philosophy that killed Kodak, when they developed a universal computerized auto-correction system that made everybody's pictures look universally terrible.  

In Blogger's case, it is possible to turn off the over-aggressive auto-correction, but I have to join the Google+ social media thing to do that.  Instead, if I save my pictures as .PNG's rather than .JPG's, the autocorrect does not touch .PNG format. 

Well, that's Ungood Art Day for you.  If everything went exactly to plan, I would have no Ungood Art to share with you.  As it is, I will always have things to show on JSVB Ungood Art Day, always the thirteenth day of the month.  You can check out other projects that I have attempted that failed miserably by checking out the Ungood Art category on the right.  Also, if you missed it, here is how the planet turned out after I had a good sleep: please click here to see it.